Training / Faciliation

MaxQ Limited provides training to lift performance in the following three areas of business:

three areas of business


OPTION 1: Activity based learning

Action sports

Face your fears together...

Community project

Learn skill and help a person in need.

Food technology

Eat while you learn!


OPTION 2:  SHORT Courses

This is not your usual masterclass, we offer blended learning and an integrated curriculum to cater for the modern student's lifestyle.


Support Staff

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  1. -  The Senior Executive Assistant in the C-Suite
  2. -  Effective support for multiple managers
  3. -  Customer Service excellence
  4. -  Project and Event Management
  5. -  'Mini MBA' for EAs and PAs

Management Staff

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-  First Line Management
-  How to Chair effective meetings
-  Business writing skills
-  Lead your team through change successfully
-  Negotiation Skills : How to control crucial conversations
-  Entrepreneurs : How to start your own business

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