Personal Coach

What is coaching?

Coaching is a service we offer to support you from point A to point B to make your dreams happen.  

Who has found coaching valuable?

Support Staff
I meet many EAs who question their value. Some EAs reach a point in their career where they are bored and they have no idea what to do next. Coaching helps put things in perspective and together we find practical solutions.

It is lonely at the top. I have spent time with Executives where they share some of the challenges they face. Coaching can provide personal growth and analytical tools to address the people, technology and process issues you face.



FREE first meeting.
This gives you an opportunity to talk about your objectives and to see if we can support you.

02What will we do during coaching sessions?
Step 1: We will perform a needs analysis to see where you are - where you want to be.
Step 2: We will run profiling tests to gain insight to your strengths.
Step 3: We will have a series of workshops to brainstorm ideas, set goals and map progress.

03 How long is each session?
Your choice.  We can meet weekly, fortnightly, monthly or quarterly - you are in control of the process.
If you want an accelerated program we also offer full day workshops. We also offer flexi solutions to cater for a busy schedule.

What does it cost?
We have pricing packages to suit any budget.

I am a public figure - I dont want anyone to know I am seeing a life coach?
We sign a non-disclosure agreement as part of the onboarding process Rest assured we are here to support you and take your privacy seriously.

Can we do this again?
Of course.We hope to foster a long term relationship with you. We offer a loyalty program where you get discounts and points for a referral.

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